हमारे बारे में

जय श्री कृष्ण

प्रेमनिधि के “प्रेम” ने वश में कर लिये थे श्री श्यामबिहारी जी (श्री बड़े गोविंद जी)

Shree Shyam Bihari appeared from Govind Kund
It is about the year 1500. Dhir Gosain Mishra, father of Premnidhi Mishr, was born in Agra. Dhir Gosai of religious nature had nine brothers. In the division of the property, the remaining eight brothers had thrown the devotee Dheer Gosain out of the house. With a sad heart, Dheer Gosain reached Govardhan while walking and after having darshan jumped into Govind Kund to end his life. One of the idols from the bottom of the pool came in his hands.
That deity of black stone belonged to Thakur Shri Shyambihari ji himself. He came back to Agra with Thakur ji. Here a temple was established in Rawat Pada. Which is currently famous as Lakshmi Narayan Temple. Everyday worship started there. People’s faith started increasing. One name of Shri Shyam Bihari is Bade Govind Ji also became famous.
Dhir Gosain’s livelihood was dependent on the temple itself. He got married and they got a son in 1503 (Samvat 1560, Shravan Shukla Dwadashi). The child was named Premnidhi.
(प्रगट अमित गुण प्रेमनिधि धन्य विप्रि जिन्ही नाम धरयो)
Premnidhi ji had immense devotion for Thakur ji. Premnidhi ji was later accepted by Vitthalnath ji, the son of Vallabhacharya, the founder of the Vallabh Sampraday, as his 65th disciple. It is mentioned in 252 Vaishnava varta.
This is the largest book of Pushtimarg and in it Premnidhi ji is mentioned as the 65th disciple.
Devotion to “Prem” had made Vitthalnath’s disciple
Premnidhi was engaged in the service of Thakur Shri Shyambihar ji since childhood. His impeccable mind and dedication towards Thakur ji had spread the discussion of his devotion far and wide.
Premnidhi ji’s immense love for Thakur ji started spreading all over India. This was the period of devotion. During that period, the devotees were spreading Harinam Sankirtan all over the country. Vitthalnath ji came to Agra to spread the propaganda of Vallabhacharya Sampraday. Religious meetings were held here and there. During his stay in Agra, he selected two disciples. In which one was the great poet Surdas ji and the other was Premnidhi ji. Vitthalnath ji took Surdas ji with him but gave Premnidhi ji the Brahmasambandh to remain in the service of Thakur ji.
Aparas Ashtayam service started in Agra
Before becoming a disciple of Vitthalnathji, Premnidhiji was walking on the path of devotion following his father’s footsteps. He used to serve Prati Thakur ji daily, but he did not know the correct method of that service. But when he got admission in Vallabhacharya Sampraday as a disciple, then he got Ashtayam Aparas Seva. Just as it is known from the name itself that Ashtayam means service of eight hours and Aparas means service done by being untouchable.
The path was difficult, the rule was self-binding but the devotee was devoted to the Lord. Premnidhi ji had taken shelter of his Guru. He accepted Ashtayam’s aparas seva and proceeded on the confirmed path to reach God.
It should be known that Premnidhi ji used to bring water from Yamuna ji in a pitcher every day. Thakur ji’s Ashtayam seva was done with the same water. In which his bath to food was included. Along with this, a Jhaadi ji i.e. Lutia was first filled and kept near Thakur ji. The most important rule of this service was that no one should touch the devotee. At that time there was a Yavan settlement in the surrounding area. The biggest challenge used to be that being untouchable, Premnidhi ji should go to Yamuna river, take bath and bring water to serve Thakur ji.
That’s why he used to go towards Yamuna ji even before Brahmamurhut. Weather or any kind of natural disaster did not become an obstacle in his service. He used to come to the temple and fill water in the Jhadi Ji (Yamuna ji water in the pot).
After this Mangla Aarti is done by cleaning the temple, then Gwal Seva Mishri Makhan Bhog, Shringar, Rajbhog Seva. After the morning four seva, Utthapan, Bhog, Sandhya Aarti and then the service of the Sayan would take place. All these eight types of service are done daily. Which is called the service of the Astayamas of Aparas. The clothes are also different in the midst of service. Special care is taken for accuracy. Today the 12th generation of Premnidhi ji is also dedicated to this service.