Characteristics of Jhadi Ji

According to various texts, when Thakur Shri Krishna ji moved from Mathura to Dwarka ji, once his elder brother Dauji came to Mathura. Started going to take bath in Yamuna ji because Yamuna ji was Thakur ji’s patrani and younger bride. In such a situation, Leeladhar Shri Krishna, keeping the respect for his relations, collected the entire water of Yamuna in a vessel. This is called Jhaadi Ji.
Shri Krishna always kept Yamuna ji with him in the form of a bush. In the Pushtimargiya temple, since the child form of Shri Krishna is worshipped, Yamuna ji is kept in place of Radharani in the jhadi ji’s form.
One specialty of Pushtimargiya temples is that the idol of Radharani is not established in them. Jhaadi ji’s adornment is also like that of the queen. Water is changed daily. Another special thing here is that the followers of Ballabh clan never take bath in Yamuna.
Only Aachman does. Special puja like Chunari Manorath is performed. Due to respect for her as a mother, followers of the Charan sect do not take her along. Jhaadi ji is enshrined in the left part of the idol of Thakur ji.