Pushtimarg is the path of emotional devotion and worship.
Shri Vallabhacharya is of the opinion that in Kaliyuga, there is neither eligibility nor capacity for the means of attaining salvation like knowledge, action, devotion etc. The place, time, substance, doer, mantra and karma suitable for these means have either been destroyed or corrupted. Therefore, it is no longer possible to attain salvation or attain God through these measures.
Even in such a difficult situation, only the all-powerful, most merciful Lord Shri Krishna, who incarnates for the salvation of all, can save the living beings with the power of his form, with the power of theory, with his divine power. Hence Shri Vallabhacharya declares – ‘Krishna eva gatirmam’ i.e. only Shri Krishna is our speed, exclusive shelter or the only refuge.
Reaching this decision, you preached a path of pure love-oriented independent devotion, different from the path of devotion described in the scriptures, which was established as a means of attaining God. You named it Pushti Marg. You call this the highway of destitutes. For such destitute devotees who do not have any means to attain God in the form of work, knowledge, devotion etc., God’s grace is the only means to attain God.
This is the pushtimarg. Shrimad Vallabhacharya has named his Bhaktimarg on the basis of Pushtimarg Shrimad Bhagwat.
In Pushti Marg, the devotee’s charity is the means of God’s grace. Shri Vallabhacharya is of the opinion that the living beings are created only for the service of God. God places the seeds of His love in the heart of a confirmed devotee. He continues to grow with devotion.
Reaches the state of attachment and addiction respectively. Just as the stream of Ganga keeps flowing continuously and ultimately meets its destination in the sea, in the same way there should be a continuous, unbroken flow of love for the Lord in the heart of the devotee. His mind should remain engrossed in God. This situation gradually continues to mature.