Premnidhi Ji Ki Katha

One day it was raining heavily. Time was known only by observing the movement of the Sun. Premnidhi ji, who was thinking only about his Thakurji every moment, was worried that his service might get disrupted due to the torrential rains. Due to this worry, he could not even sleep at night and without estimating the time, he set out towards Yamuna ji in the pitch black rainy night. Meditation of Thakur ji in mind and a pitcher on the shoulder to bring water for service. The path is difficult. Everywhere is filled with water.
The road was not visible while moving. Then they saw that a seven-eight year old boy came to them naked and wearing a kaanchni, with spices in his hand. Premnidhi ji started looking at him in the dim light.
The child said- Baba where do you want to go?
Premnidhi ji said- I am going towards Yamuna to get water to serve Thakur ji.
The boy said – I am also going across Yamuna to invite. You follow me.Hearing this, Premnidhi ji started following that boy. When they reached the banks of river Yamuna, the child left them and went ahead.
Premnidhi ji meditated on his Thakur ji, took bath, filled the pitcher with water and got ready to go back. Then the same child came near them again. He saw that the child’s face was radiant and his personality seemed divine.The child said- Baba, I will drop you to the temple. You follow me.
Premnidhi ji once again set out following his little guide. That day it seemed to him that the path which was a long distance was completed in just three steps. Premnidhi ji was amazed at how the route became shorter so quickly.
On reaching the door of the temple, he said to the child – Son, stay here, I will bring you Prasad from the temple.Saying this he went inside the temple. When we came back we saw that the child had disappeared. After this, when he again went to the temple to serve Mangala Aarti, he started smelling the sweet oil burning in the spices from Thakur ji’s dress.
At that time he came to know that Thakur ji himself had become his guide but I, unfortunate man, could not even recognize him. He could not even think that Thakur Shyam Bihari ji himself had got him interviewed.
(This story is mentioned in Bhaktamal written by Nabhaji and Priyadas ji as well as in many issues of Kalyan magazine of Geeta Press Gorakhpur and in 252 Vaishnav varta)
Seva Abhiramshyam in the name of Premnidhi
Agro city Nishi bring water from your head.
Barkha Su Ritu Jit Tit Aate Kich Bhai,
How to overcome worries?
Had we walked in darkness we would have been ruined.
Come on, don’t touch these thoughts.
Look at the exit door, Sukumar, spice in one hand, or follow him.
(Taken from Bhaktamal by Nabhaji.)
Kalam of Urdu poet: In Akbarism, Prem Nidhi used to go to take bath in the morning, after purifying his holy body, he used to bring his water to Thakur ji. One day there was a dark rain and we couldn’t find our way. To alleviate the problem, Govind used to tell the story. (From the pen of an Urdu poet of the Akbar period)
Second story of God’s encounter
After the above incident, the temple of Thakur Shyam Bihari ji had become the biggest temple of Agra.
Along with a large number of devotees, there was also a queue of women. That was the period of Akbar’s rule. Agra was the capital of Akbar at that time. Premnidhi ji’s fame had created jealousy in the minds of people. Some of those jealous people complained to Akbar.Said- A large number of women visit Shyambihari Ji temple and the character of its priest Prem Nidhi is not good.Without thinking, Akbar sent soldiers to arrest Premnidhi ji.
At that time Premnidhi ji was going to fill the water bush in the service of Thakur ji. Before that, the soldiers stopped him and arrested him and presented him before Akbar. Premanidhi requested Akbar that after I visit Thakur ji’s bush to my heart’s content, you can imprison me without any hesitation, but Akbar mocked him and imprisoned him.In the prison, Premnidhi ji was distressed about the service of Thakur ji that my Thakur ji is thirsty and I have become a prisoner in the prison.
Then he compassionately wrote 25 verses of appeal to Thakur ji. Premnidhi ji’s handwritten letters are still preserved in the temple in the form of Karuna Pachisi. These are also available for devotees to visit.That same night, Akbar had a dream that his prophet was asking him for water to drink. Akbar told his Prophet that the entire Sultanate is available for you. The Prophet said that you have imprisoned the one who is supposed to give water.
Seeing this, Akbar suddenly woke up from his sleep and started getting scared.Without thinking, he immediately came and got Premnidhi ji out of the jail and sent him to Bijajat temple. Then Premnidhi ji, following the rules, started serving Thakur ji throughout his life without any hindrance.